Yaxley Yaks would like to thank for its kind support during our inaugural season of touch rugby The Club spent last weekend celebrating with a tournament which joined families together for a festive fun competition. Chairman James Warrener told “Our core values as a club have been “Family, Fitness & Fun” and we were keen to apply that to our Winter Family Festival.” “As a player the chance to line up with my 6 year old daughter in the same team is something quite special. All of the kids in our club run their little legs of each and every weekend and it’s a real inspiration. The support from RLFans has helped us book a 3g pitch for the winter and enter competitions.  I took up rugby at the age of 42 and was part of the group who founded the club soon. We have had a brilliant first year having played in three tournaments promoting six tackle rugby. We are now affiliate with the England Touch federation and have sent players to age group trials. We would love to have an international to tell you about in the future, or a Super League player.  In our ranks there are Catalans, Wigan and Leeds fans.  Our juniors have trained weekly all year and managed a massive upset win over Peterborough Rugby over the summer. The senior competition at Peterborough ran over four Friday nights in the summer, and we took on the running and promotion of the event. It caused plenty of grey hairs but lots of fun and competitive rugby was played. If you are in the East Midlands, please get in touch as we would love to expand that competition in the coming years. What pleased me as a Chairman the most was the enthusiasm the local teams have for the event and the fact that the rules of the game allow all ages and sexes to play the game together with a smile on their faces. As part of our social scene we enjoyed the world cup final in our hosts Yaxley FC’s club house. Such was the keenness of some of our players, they trained before the match and went out again at half time. That sums up the spirit of the Yaks.” The club is planning for more tournaments next season along with a trip to Magic Weekend. “It’s important we keep moving forward and looking to develop a competitive edge whilst preserving our core values. We want to win matches and keep everyone having fun and that’s a tricky balance” You can learn more about the club via and search them out on Facebook and Twitter.
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