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Fax Squad and Recruitment 2020

Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:21 am

Reece Chapman Smith,
Brandon Moore,
Connor Davies,
Curtis Davies,
Conor McGrath,
Jacob Fairbank,
Shaun Robinson,
James Saltonstall,
Steve Tyrer,
Scott Murrell,
Sion Jones,
Ben Kavanagh,
Ed Barber
Will Caldcott

Tom Gilmore (Widnes)
Jodie Broughton (Catalan Dragons)
Matt Garside (Bradford)
Paul Brierley (Batley Bulldogs)
Keegan Hirst (Wakefield)
Scott Grix (Huddersfield)

Ben Kaye
Chester Butler (Huddersfield)
Shane Grady
Jordan Syme
Adam Brooks
Will Sharp
Ben Johnston (York)
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