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Record Profits

Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:07 am

Castleford Tigers are delighted to announce record accounts for 2017.

2017 financially has been the most successful year in the club’s history!

Turnover increased by £1.4m to £6m and this growth was driven by increased gate receipts, sponsorship, record merchandise sales and record bar sales. The increase has generated a record profit of £691,000 for 2017.

This is now the fourth consecutive year that Castleford Tigers has not received any external funding and the fourth consecutive year the club has delivered operating profits.

The financial performance allowed the club to invest heavily in 2018, spending approaching £1/4 million on transfer fees to secure the services of some of the games most highly sought-after players. The club was also able in increase its salary cap spend in 2018 and spend up to the increased cap including exemptions, this will be an increased spend of approximately £200,000.
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