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Success Through Spiritual Invocation

Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:54 am

Prisoner of Oppression

Going to war against your faulty traits will be a battle to the death. Uncompromised Life Death of your negative traits, or wilting of your being.

Consider a starting point a declaration of your freedom. Make a decision, stand up to your captors and strike through the face of fear they invoke.

Your traits cannot physically hurt you, but this is what they'll have you believe. They are strong, based in habit and belief. But they are never as strong as your will.

You have a responsibility to our human race. Exercise your freedom to make the world a better place and further the advancement of our species.

Your ancestors suffered greatly so that you are here today. They didn't know it, but they gave their lives to give you yours. You will turn your back on them and the rest of the world to live out a meaningless existence?

Find your path and follow it to the end. This is not meaningless. This is how you'll give the most to our world and your world. By doing what it is you're gifted or meant to do in life, this leverage will most benefit yourself, your family and the world you live in.

Failure and self-imprisonment has much to do with your faulty primal traits. They are the source of your decisions, whereas should be the source of your decisions.

Life is complex, there are many gray areas to explore. This isn't one of them. There is only one right thing to do.
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