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Re: Disciplinary

Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:49 pm

Ferocious Aardvark wrote:I know what Kear means though, you are always better off with players with a bit of dog, who can wind p the opposition players and fans and so disrupt their play. It's just that I draw the line at what he did, absolutely no need at all and what's worse, brainless, as it was guaranteed not to end well, with everything on TV nowadays.

Maybe Bradley Gallagher would be the next candidate? He's been charged three times this year same as George, so must have plenty of attitude, but not for anything spherical

Seen Gallagher a few times at Dudley Hill, think the kid could have a massive future. Good grounding and his parents are great people.

I love players with a bit of niggle, not sure this post is relevant mind ha
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