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Re: Injury news

Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:52 am

I came here for injury news.

Re: Injury news

Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:40 pm

Grimmy wrote:Except that wasn't an accurate representation of our 06 team.

FB Ashton v Hardaker - Hardaker
RW Calderwood v Davies - Davies - no
RC Richards/McCavoy v Sarginson - Sarginson (as a centre!)
LC Vaealiki v Gildart - Gildart
LW Dallas v Burgess - Draw - still better than Budgie in any year
SO Orr v Williams - Williams
SH Moran v Leuluai - Leuluai - Dobson was better
P Logan v Bullock - Logan
H Higham v Powell - Powell (Higham was gash for us) - so is powell
P Paleaaesina v Flower - Draw (Feka better in attack, Flower in defence. Flower plays longer) - not really he only does 40 mins so did feka - plus we had fielden who was better than both
SR Hock v Greenwood - Hock
SR Fletcher v Farrell - Draw - give over
LF 06 O'Loughlin v 19 O'Loughlin - 06 O'Loughlin

S Seuseu v Clubb - Clubb - hahahaha
S Godwin v Sammut - Draw
S Tickle v Navarette - Navarette (Tickle played prop that year and got smashed senseless) - sop does navarette
S Hansen v Isa - Hansen
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