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Re: Newmarket development

Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:40 pm

TrinTrin wrote:Fully, you are splitting hairs, recorded at the time from cllr Box was that the deal was Castleford could not afford to pre buy the land even though they own their own ground ! Therefore by agreement of the developer getting full planning permission - unobstructed, the developer would charge £1.0 & Castleford RL would own their new stadium ! But their ground would go to the developer for building housing approved by the council. Therefore a new ground & stadium for £1.0 all with no hassel, however I do understand that their has been frustrations & that they continue, but all at no cost to the club & therefore no debt to the club !!!

Still incorrect. And Wheldon Rd will also remain in the hands of CTRLFC. It’s upto us what we do with it - rumour is that we want it for a state of the art training base.

The only thing the council have had a hand in is the granting of planning permission and the S106 agreement (which is a smack in the face of Wakey fans since lessons were learned from yours for that one)
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