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Re: Carlos Tuimavave Signs

Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:42 am

ditchley16 wrote:clubs like hull in mid table,wont take the risk on blooding many young players,with the risk of relagation.

I agree with the thought process you have there, but look at the situation Hull are in for he next 7 games. We have no realistic change of progression to the top 4 so it could be viewed that the next 7 games are trial games for which you can give a run of 3 or 4 games to a few (but only a few) youngsters to gain the experience of top level RL.

The management team are is a no win position in this scenario. Radford has said on the radio, whilst its still possible he will try to get to forth spot. If he doesn't say that the club would be accused of lacking ambition. Would it have been reasonable to openly say "we are using the super 8's as an experience exercise to blood some youth in readiness for a real tilt in 2016?

As regards Carlos T, lets give the kid a chance. Afterall, there were a fair few "experts" on here who wrote off Jordan Thompson before he'd worn the shirt :wink:
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