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Rare Shirts for Sale - Support grass roots club

Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:36 pm

As part of the Project 30 fundraising being run by Nottingham Outlaws, there are a variety of rare and old shirts on ebay to buy. Ranging from a signed Leeds Rhinos shirt, to very rare player worn Outlaws shirts.

Signed Leeds Rhinos 2013 -

Outlaws #14 -

Heritage shirt #17 -

Rhinos 2002 -

Rhinos 2012 -

Exciles -

7s shirt -

The Project 30 fundraising campaign is an effort to raise funds to allow the club to get a ground of its own in the city, after 30 years of moving around the city.

More details on Project 30 can be found at

Please have a look at the shirts and do your bit to help a grassroots club spreading the word outside of the heartlands
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