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Huddersfield RLFC 3rd division Anniversary

Tue Feb 07, 2017 12:44 pm

As 2017, marks the 25th anniversary of the club winning the first ever 3rd division championship, the HGSA are organising a bit of a reunion, with hopefully, players, coaches and officials to be held at Turnbridge WMC on Tuesday 4th may, more details to follow

However, in the meantime, replicas of that famous shirt are available to order,
prices are: (Chest size)
26/28, 30/32.......£30
34/36, 38/40,42/44. 46/48 .....£35
50/52, 54/56, 58/60......£40

For orders/enquiries contact
Martin Eastwood..07763730108, or message me on Facebook.

Shirts can only be ordered from the supplier in bulk so it might take a few weeks to get the shirts to you as they are all individually made and stitched etc, and i would need payment up front to pay the suppliers.

Thanks for looking :)



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