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Rugby League fans support of Rett Syndrome - Harrowing book

Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:33 am


Rugby League Fans have always been extremely supportive of the condition Rett Syndrome. It is a condition our own Estelle Dickenson at Keighley suffers from terribly. There have been many charity walks, bucket collections and fund-raising nights for this cause.

This year my effort to help Estelle and the thousands like her has been to write a book and donating all the royalties to Reverse Rett at
Did you know treatment to reverse Rett Syndrome is expected to start on humans any day soon?
It is sadly expensive still at $1 million per child.
I was fortunate to have one of the Country’s most successful authors Major Chris Hunter write the foreword and introduction to this very harrowing and gritty book.

This book tells the story from a mother’s point of view. She has been incredibly brave to share the details she has given in this book.
Please can Cougar Fans once more get behind the Rett Syndrome cause and support this year’s effort.

The kindle / tablet / phone version can be downloaded from
The Paperback can be bought from

A video about the book can be watched on the below link ... 568561303/

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